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Outstanding stable, white colored, high temperature tolerance sealing.

Solvent-free, durable.

Can be used between -50C and +200C temperature.

Suitable for sealing most of the engine surfaces, gears, cylinder sleeves.

Very good for uneven and rough surfaces.


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We are pleased to announce that our sub-page specifically designed for clutch parts has been completed.
The catalog is available on this link .


A market-driven solution – the INA GearBOX contains all necessary components for a professional transmission repair. Now garages can fix damaged transmissions by themselves – professionally, swiftly and profitably.

Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket has developed professional repair solutions for passenger-car manual transmissions: With every transmission specific INA GearBOX, garages can repair damaged transmissions in-house. The benefit: Garages no longer have to outsource manual transmission repairs to a third party, which saves time and is also profitable. Even internal transmission specialists in the garage can profit by using it, because INA GearBOX repair solutions eliminate the extremely time-consuming research for transmission specific wear parts.


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